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If I let the tension build
I'm sure eventually it'll spill
And let the back and forth take over our heads.
Which is fine and good and normal
But I'm afraid this won't stay formal
And you'll kill me with your car instead.
Baby it's a long time coming and
You need some cool and calming
But like a wolverine your hatred keeps you warm.
So if you run too hot, I'm sure to take the things I've got
And get the fuck out of the way
Before your Honda hits my face.

Oh you don't know
How crazy you look right now
You're crazy, unsound.

No one thought to warn me
But then again I'd hide the truth if that's your new boyfriend
I think your brother's heart went out
And your friends without a doubt
Had cautionary tales that they left out.

And now I'm in the cross hair
No use to squirm or shout

You're gonna make me pay
For what I cannot say
Could this be my last day? I'm out.
But I've got one last word for you,
You fucking cow.

I paid the price and learned
About a woman scorned
I should've headed for the hills
Asked why you take so many pills
I lacked the skills and I got burned.
By the craziest force of nature around.


from coldfriendlyhell, released September 27, 2014



all rights reserved


Milksop:Unsung New Haven, Connecticut

New Haven-based quartet Milksop:Unsung is a greasy-diner omelet of Folk, Swing, Rock, and Blues, performing original and eccentric arrangements augmented by witty humor, blistering energy, and found percussion.

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