Introductory, EP

by Milksop:Unsung

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released August 1, 2011

Dan Carrano (mandolin, vocals, acoustic guitar, kazoo)
Tj Jackson (acoustic and electric guitar, banjo, vocals, drums)
Gary Velush (upright bass)



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Milksop:Unsung New Haven, Connecticut

New Haven-based quartet Milksop:Unsung is a greasy-diner omelet of Folk, Swing, Rock, and Blues, performing original and eccentric arrangements augmented by witty humor, blistering energy, and found percussion.

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Track Name: Mudbutt
On a cool spring morning
Wind blew the garbage cans
Into the skies with all the garbage,
people, objects, hopes, and dreams

It makes no difference
What you see
We all see different things and that's how it's going to be

On a hot summer day
Soles burned into the sidewalks
People remained strange and immobile
Just like its always been


When the autumn creeps in
Trees morph into skeletons
People eat dirt all day
Then they turn into mud

Track Name: Black Ghost
The stars are currently much more unearthly.
Last stop on the journey,
Last body on a gurney

Back home.
Black ghost.

He told me
Through a cigarette smoked slowly,
"Seek your sighting in the gold sea.
A fifth of Agwa and peyote

At most."
Black ghost.

They found me
An ephemeral flash of ball lightening,
Approaching Mars has its scope on me.
I dig a hole to hide it's
Too deep.

Black hole.
Black ghost.

A womb-like warmth welcomes me into the unknown.
I scream, "Take me, take me! This is not my home!"

Well, how was I to know?
Life in a vacuum,
I've never felt more alone.

Black ghost.
Track Name: Ervil LeBaron
Ervil LeBaron, you should of loosened your belt
You had 13 wives and still couldn’t control yourself
Some will say you were of a brilliant kind
But all those people were just plain ol blind

Ervil LeBaron,
Your malicious charisma touched a few
Of some overly attentive cukoos
Ervil LeBaron,
I wish I could have killed you

You had to be right in being so wrong
Killing your brother to help you feel strong
I’m sure he was probably no prize himself
But Ervil LeBaron, you should have loosened your belt

Ervil LeBaron,
Your malicious charisma touched a few
Of some overly attentive cukoos
Ervil LeBaron,
I wish I put my knife in you

How could you not just sit back, relax,
And realize Joseph was just a schitzomaniac
You have all these women to feel
But religion made you want to kill kill kill

Ervil LeBaron,
Your malicious charisma touched a few
Of some overly attentive cukoos
Ervil LeBaron,
I wish I put some lead in you

Ervil Lebaron,
At birth they should of took care of you
And thrown you in a pool
Ervil Lebaron,
The Earth will never miss you
Track Name: Be Careful Mrs. Bowers
Don’t be shy
Don’t be scared
Don’t wile me to get perturb and make a mistake
Give me a smile
Give me a kiss
Give me all and don’t recoil when I lunge and take
It’s on you
It’s on you
It’s you who knew what you were getting into

I wouldn’t recommend a test
Resulting in you being the worms next guest
I wouldn’t recommend disappearence
You want me to hurt others congesting my perseverance?

Say you’ll love
Say you’ll laugh
Say you’ll hide your misery till I’m not there
Touch my hair
Touch my skin
Touch those buttons and you’ll see the face of fear
It’s on you
It’s on you
It’s you who knew what you were getting into

You shouldn’t get upset
When I go out and mount my warm strumpet
You shouldn’t get respite
If I find out that someone else has taken a bite of you

Rosalind you make me so blind
It’s all worth the times you blew my mind
Track Name: In My House
It seems like this has happened before
I found a body living under my floor
It did not flinch when I explored
Rigid, taciturn, at peace under my floor

Speak up
Why are you living under my floor

Once the light was plugged in its socket
I found a body living in my closet
I stuck my hand into it’s pockets
It felt safe living in my closet

Speak up
Why are you living in my closet

When it’s to must to give
I let another one live in my fridge
Someone from a high Vermont ridge
It feels at home living in my fridge

Speak up
Why are you living in my fridge

Why are you living in my house
Track Name: Lucius Hostius Syndrome
Well you think you read me like a book
But your getting to close when you take a look
Summer time is shiny while your eyes remain cloudy
Please get off my back

Get off my back
Just relax
Please get off my back
When the leaves fall off the trees
Wish you would fall from me
Please get off of my back

Don’t take to heart the words that I say
I was trying to have fun, but you made me turn away
You act like a king but you have no sting
Please get away from me

Get away from me
Don’t spread your disease
When a lion kills his game wish I could the same

It drives me mad when you open your mouth
The words infiltrate my brain and my body lays flat
Head for the door or I’ll grab my 44
Maybe your death will set me free

I need to be free
Will you flee
When the sun goes down I wish I had a guilitine around